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LazyMaths Turtle (small)This post is part of LazyMaths’ Math website review series. Dedicated purely to help math students, the review highlights tangible learning that the website offers to its visitors and users. If you would like to have your website considered for review, drop us an email – math(at)lazymaths(dot)com. – Lessons and Forums

Review in a Tweet –

All math modules at your fingertips!

Grade Level –


Tell me about it – was founded in 1998 by Elizabeth Stapel. It was intended to be a “personal website” for her math students but after uploading tons of lessons, traffic at this site began to increase tremendously. In result, the site was redesigned to give a more professional look. By 1999, the site moved from free hosting to its own domain and “Purple Math” was chosen as the name. Purplemath served about six and a half million page viewers to nearly three million visitors in September of 2011. WOW!

What’s on the website?–

Purplemath offers the following:

  • Lessons
  • Learning Forums
  • Site Reviews
  • Homework Guidelines
  • Study Skills-Self Survey


Purple Math Screen Shot

What’s the best part about this website?

The Purplemath Forum is probably the best part of the website because it gives students the opportunity to ask questions if they get stuck on some math homework or looking to challenge their math abilities.

Any $$$? is free!!!

Review Disclaimer: This is an independent review of the given site. It only reflects the opinion of our site reviewer(s). Views and opinions expressed may not be representative of the site or its owners or its users and visitors. and its reviewer(s) cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to hardware or any other problem caused by visiting this site or misuse of this information. Any errors or omissions should be brought to our attention by contacting the site administrator.

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