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Here’s my story on how I became an MBA in a matter of seconds –

I was just a mediocre guy on the street dreaming to one day become an MBA from an Ivy league college. Well, nothing wrong in dreaming. But my dream soon turned into a wish that rapidly became a want and before I knew morphed to a desperate need.

The next thing I did was to get in touch with some of my college mates, who I thought liked me , and could possibly help me. My stray chats with them on the how to’s, the do’s , the don’ts, the caveats, the carrots, and everything in between became a thorough research on how to get to a great B-school.

Based on the grand PhD kinda research, I opted to join an Institute for classroom coaching instead of taking a correspondence course. I knew that I am not the kind of guy who could study on his own, but can, upon prodding.

My initial days in the classroom were more exploratory, but those ended abruptly, when I gave my first mock test. It was that day – the day of realization – an apocalyptic day that opened up my head, popped out my eyes and scared the #*@# out of me. My percentile score was in the dumps and along with it were my dreams, wishes, wants and all kinds of desperate needs too. The figure 48 (percentile) made my head spin.

Finally, when I returned back on good ol’ earth, I looked around. I knew that my peers (who scored far better than me) were definitely doing something that I was not doing. I was just onto something… either something terribly wrong or something that will change the course of my future.

Befriending 2 guys from the top 10 percentile scorers group, I started talking, discussing and understanding from them their “secret”. In a matter of days, I had collected enough stuff to be ready to experiment it for the next mock test.

This time, I focused to only use the “secret” and see if it would become the fortune turner for me. When the results were out, lo, behold, my percentile score not only increased, but it jumped. This time around, I was at 77! It had jumped by a leap! With it came a load full of hope. Hope of getting into a B-school. I knew I was back in the game.

I started honing on the new found skills and kept focusing on the further improving them. Test after test, my score kept beating the previous one. By the last mock test before the D-day, I was @ 97!!

To many, this might sound to be a great score, but let me tell you, I had my eyes on the top B-School and I knew that I had to be at 99.7 to be there…

After all the sweat and stress, after all the grind and grin, the day of reckoning arrived. The results were out. I got my score and… I was 2nd amongst all who gave the test. I had managed to get 99.9997 and far better score than what I had even dream’t about!!!

So, what were these “secrets”? Well, I shouldn’t be calling them “secrets” any more, as I am gonna reveal it out to the world. Here there are –

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1. Do not try to attempt problem in the order they are, rather, pick and choose the ones you can attempt in the shortest possible time first gradually moving to the ones you think you need the most time. This way you maximize the score in a shorter time, attack more problems in first half and build a psychological comfort level.

2. Do not solve – as much as you can, avoid solving. Simply attempt. Huh? Yup. This one’s the killer. When you solve, you spend time, when you attempt, you save time. Let me explain this one a bit more in detail. Every problem has options. If you would randomly mark one option for each question, your probability of hitting the right answers is 1/4 or 1/5 depending upon whether there are 4 or 5 options. But when you attempt, you read the whole question… along with its options. When you read the ‘whole’ thing, look at the options and you would soon notice that some of them simply cannot be the answers, because they don’t make sense. So, you would intelligently eliminate them. Now let’s say you are left with 2 options (as you have eliminated the others), you can do either of the two things –

a. If you are nearing the end of the test and have less time, you can simply flip the coin and pick one. Don’t worry, this isn’t gambling with your future, but a strategic move to improve your attempts. When you randomly picked one, your chances of getting the right answer is now 1/2 or 50%. A jump from 20 or 25% to 50% while you save precious seconds!

b. If you are in the middle or the beginning phase of your test, try doing reverse substitution. This way, you would be able to pick the right answer (without flipping any coins) and still save precious seconds!

3. So, what do you do with saving those precious seconds? Well, you would notice that all questions in a test cannot be solved using these smarty ways, so you invest those precious seconds to ‘solve’ those types of questions. Thereby maximizing attempts and maximizing score and achieving that dream B-school of yours!

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It was those seconds that made me an MBA and it is up to you now to grab a bunch of them by learning at

In the Smart Math section of LazyMaths, we have nearly 200 math problems attempted without solving to get your head going in the right direction. And for those nasty ones which you have to ‘solve’, we have the Speed Math section – which contains some mind blowing speed math shortcuts to help you rapidly solve them and get more of those precious seconds.

Remember, when thousands are competing, even a score difference of 1 or 2 can move you up or down 3 to 4 B-schools. So, save those precious seconds – NOW!

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