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[Math Musings] SEX & MATH

The topic of whether men or women are better at math has almost always evoked a debate. Some even call it sexist to ask such a question – or should we call just a social scientist? Why are there fewer women in math oriented careers than men? Is it because of math skills or just social causes?

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Numerous studies and research have been done in this field and yet they seem to be inconclusive. It is really easy to find diametrically opposite research results. See for instance – The University of Wisconsin study vs The Scientific article on this topic.

One theory suggests that a man’s brain is wired to be stronger in cognitive and analytical skills where as a woman’s brain is stronger in verbal and communication skills. Whether this is true or just another hypothesis by a Phd. fellow is another matter. But stereo typing men and women does cause anxiety and can actually influence the outcome.

Outcomes of experiments are also influenced by who is present in the experiment. A study by Brown University suggests that women actually perform 12% better when men are not around them!

Another interesting study conducted in one of the world’s largest math experiment suggests that women are actually better than men not in general math but instant Math!

Regardless of what all the studies say, the fact of the matter is by practicing the tricks and techniques shown on, all can ace at all kinds of math – whether man or woman!

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