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LazyMaths Turtle (small)This post is part of LazyMaths’ Math website review series. Dedicated purely to help math students, the review highlights tangible learning that the website offers to its visitors and users. If you would like to have your website considered for review, drop us an email – math(at)lazymaths(dot)com.

AAA Math logo – Fast and Easy way to learn basic math!

Review in a Tweet –

Comprehensive set of interactive math lessons, with unlimited practice

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About the website –

AAA math features a comprehensive set of interactive math lessons, categorized well in terms of levels (Kindergarten through Eighth) or according to topics, like Addition, Algebra, Counting, Decimals, etc. This allows the user to use the site for class related work, as well as reviewing or learning any particular topic that he or she needs.

AAA Math site

The most striking part of the website is the focus on interactivity.  Fully interactive lessons enable illustration of key concepts through visual animation, reinforcement of important points through challenging fun math games, and prevention of learning of wrong ways of solving through immediate feedback. Also, interactivity engages the students, and makes learning math a fun activity.

Moreover, availability of unlimited practice questions allows the students to try out enough questions till they feel confident in a non-threatening environment. This has a huge impact on their self-esteem and confidence.
The content is available in two languages “English” as well as “Spanish”, allowing for a wider reach. Also, all the website content along with some additional stuff is available on a CD version. The CD version is completely advertisement free. It helps the students in avoiding distractions, and focus completely on learning.

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What’s on the website?

AAAmath offers the following:
• A wide range (Kindergarten through Eighth) of lessons
• Unlimited practice questions on each topic
• Math Games
• Immediate feedback to the students
• Links to other mathematics resources

What’s the best part about this website?

No registration is required, and the site is very well structured, making navigation intuitive.

Any $$$?

It’s a Free site, but if you want to buy the CD version, the price ranges from $24.95 to $240.95 depending on Home, Classroom or School editions

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