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LazyMaths Turtle (small)This post is part of LazyMaths’ Math website review series. Dedicated purely to help math students, the review highlights tangible learning that the website offers to its visitors and users. If you would like to have your website considered for review, drop us an email – math(at)lazymaths(dot)com.

MathisFun logo – Fun as you learn Math

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The Easiest and the Simplest Math site for learning basic Math concepts

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About the website – is a 10 year old website developed and maintained by Rod Pierce. Rod, who loves mathematics and fun, says “The main content of the site is aimed at basic math skills. However you will find some more complex stuff, and some easier bits. Hopefully there should be something for everybody”.

MathisFun site

The website has some really student friendly, light and easy to understand technique for everyone to learn basic math skills. teaches kids the fundamental concepts of math in areas of:

– Numbers
– Algebra
– Geometry
– Data
– Measure

One of the most striking features of the site is an Illustrated Math Dictionary – a one of its kind complete collection of all math terms from A to Z – literally! A must see feature.

In addition to the above the site also has Worksheets, Games, Puzzles and a very rich and engaging Forum. would highly recommend this site for parents of young students as well as any elementary grade students interested in learning the core and fundamental concepts of Math in a light and fun way.

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What’s on the website? offers the following:

– Numbers – includes basic math operations like Addition, Multiplication, etc., decimals, percentages, fraction and more…
– Algebra – starts with the Basics and quickly moves on to Exponents, Factoring, Logs, Polynomials, Linear & Quadratic Equations, Functions, Sequence & Series all the up to College Algebra!
– Geometry – includes, Plan Geometry, Solid Geometry, Shapes, Symbols, Conics, Transformations, Symmetry, Trigonometry and more…
– Data – its definition, usage in surveys, basic and advanced Statistics, Probailitys, distributions types, etc.
– Measure – covers both the Metric as well as the US system in the dimensions of Lengths, Weights, Time, Temperature, Speed with all their related conversions.
– Puzzles & Quizzes – of an extensive range, topics and levels of difficulty.
– The Illustrated Math Dictionary – covers the A to Z of all math terms and their descriptions.
– Math Forum (for parents to network, ask questions, provide suggestions, etc.)

What’s the best part about this website?

You don’t have to register or sign up. Just visit the site and start learning Math in a fun and easy way!

Any $$$?

Mathforfun is free. After all isn’t it fun when Math comes for free?

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