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LazyMaths Turtle (small)This post is part of LazyMaths’ Math website review series. Dedicated purely to help math students, the review highlights tangible learning that the website offers to its visitors and users. If you would like to have your website considered for review, drop us an email – math(at)lazymaths(dot)com.

Mathkinz logo – Rule the World (of Math)

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By students for students – Download Math practice sheets for free from

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About the website –

Mathkinz is a unique site that’s entirely run and managed by kids. Yup, school kids of grades 4 through 8. They develop the content, in this case worksheets, test material, etc. and host it too!

Mathkinz site

The website was started by Nirlesh Jain, a father that takes keen interest in his kids’ education. While teaching his kids, he came up with the idea. After speaking to his friends and family, he gathered all the neighboring kids and encouraged them to start developing math content. And in just a few months, was born. To keep the interests of kids alive, he offers Mathkinz points for the content they develop. This encourages them to keep developing more content and also build up a competitive spirit amongst them.

Mathkinz also conducts Math competitions in the central New Jersey area to encourage local students to develop better math skills.

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What’s on the website?

Mathkinz offers the following:
• An online Math Quiz (By Grades – 1 through 8 – US Standards)
• Math Practice sheets (By Grades – 1 through 8 & By Subjects )
• Math Jokes
• Math Games
• Math Resources (Other math websites links)
• Math News
• Math Forum (for parents to network, ask questions, provide suggestions, etc.)

What’s the best part about this website?

You don’t have to register or sign up. Just visit the site and start printing your Math worksheets at home for your kids!

Any $$$?

Mathkinz is free, yes really!!

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