Dividing by 11 Division Speed Math

[Speed Math] DIVIDING BY 11

Here’s an example of a SPEED MATH shortcut for DIVIDING BY 11: (Div) Nd11 from the DIVISION category.

Dividing by 11

When can I use this method?

For dividing any number by 11.

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pdf Download Practice sheet for DIVIDING BY 11

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Notes –

  1. Notice the way the negative digits are treated. Take the digit on the left of the negative digit. Its place value is 10 times that of the negative digit. So, subtract the negative digit from 10 times the neighboring digit to get positive digits.
  2. If the Remainder is negative, it means that we have over divided the number, so reduce 1 from the Quotient and add 11 to the negative Remainder to get the Final Remainder.

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